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Drama For All!!

Mrs. Morales

Mrs. Morales, 8th Grade Reading/Drama Teacher

Who: Mrs. Morales and RBMS Drama Club

Where: RBMS Auditorium

When: Spring, 2017

Why: To enrich Language Arts at RBMS through acting and cooperative learning

What: RBMS Drama Presents...

Amy's Attic By Raymond King Shurtz

Amy's Attic By Raymond King Shurtz

Amy Anderson discovers her grandfather's magic trunk in the attic. When she falls asleep her dreams take her on an unforgettable adventure with Coco, a mute clown, into the circus world. She finds and rescues an array of circus performers suspended in time. They were banished by the curse of Ivan the Madman, the evil nemesis of her grandfather. Amy takes the performers back into the safe haven of her attic so they may again perform the "Greatest Show on Earth."

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