At Paul Huber Middle School we are committed to positive academic outcomes for our students. We will foster a safe and supportive environment dedicated to high levels of learning and achievement. In partnership with students, families and community members, we will prepare students for college and career pathways and for assuming a role in society as productive citizens.

Every Student Is A Success Story Waiting To Be Told...

School Colors: Red and Yellow

Our School Rules:

Be Safe

Be Responsible

Be Respectful

Paul Huber Philosophy

Our philosophy is best illustrated through our motto: “Leading by Example”

The administration and staff of Paul Huber Middle School believe that students will be successful in school and develop into caring, creative, productive and responsible members of society if they:

See a future for themselves

See value in doing the things we ask them to do

Relate learning to real-life

Our School-wide Goals

  • To maintain high expectations and promote academic excellence for all students.

  • To work collaboratively using data to develop, implement and re-examine lessons, activities and assessments to support students in reaching their potential.

  • To foster a positive school environment where we can learn together and support one another.

  • To make our parental community feel welcomed and valued as full participants in their child's education.