ELD Coach Services
Maintaining District compliancy to the Department of Education policies for English Language Learners by aligning district standard based pacing guides with the ELD standards. Assist teachers in creating standard based lesson plans aligned to the ELD standards as well as the Common Core Standards. We also help monitor and maintain the 4 hour block within the district. We work with teachers along with the use of data to implement grammar based learning focused to increase reclassification rates at all levels. We provide modeling and coaching to individual teachers both old and new to the ELD program that is tailored fit to their needs and concerns based on the ELD model. We also provide professional development to our District Teachers based on the 4 hour ELD model as well as training tailored to certain aspects and topics associated with the ELD model.

Corinna (Monje) Moen and Maira Gonzalez are the district ELD coaches. They both were ELD teachers before becoming ELD coaches.

Corinna Monje Corinna Monje taught in the classroom for 5 years. Of those five years three were working with ELD students. During those three years she dedicated herself to pushing her students to proficiency which resulted in a number of reclassifications by her students. She was also the schools’ Student Council sponsor for 3 years. She became an ELD coach within the Curriculum Department in 2011 and has worked with ELD teachers in improving their reclassification numbers by providing assistance and her knowledge of the ELD program for the past two year. Corinna is a product of the Douglas Unified School district, graduating in 1998 from Douglas High School. She currently has three children, two of which are students in the Elementary level. Her dedication to this district and to the students and teachers that she supports can be measured in her devotion to her work and in helping to make the DUSD district a competitor and leader in education today.

Maira Gonzalez “Throughout my personal educational studies I observed in various learning environments and observed the unique ways different educators approach the teaching process.”

Maira Gonzalez is a resident of Douglas, Arizona where she was born and raised. Of all things, she enjoys the most working with children, spending time with family and friends, and helping others. After graduating from Douglas High School, she enrolled at a Technical College and received a Certification Diploma in the medical field. She worked in the medical field for about ten years; she realized that was not what she really wanted to do and returned to school and pursues a degree in elementary education.

She taught ELD classes for four years and feels very fortunate to have had a wonderful group of students and cooperative teachers. This experience was productive in that she developed and maintained a positive classroom management and effective teaching strategies, together they learned and they helped each other achieve success in the field of education focusing on each and every child. She strives to learn many new things and appreciate the differences amongst each other.