Thank you for your Generous Support!

Gifts & Donations

On behalf of the Douglas Unified School District #27, Governing Board, Administration, staff, and students, I would like to sincerely thank you for your generous donation.  Your donation will be utilized to advance the area that you have designated.  I can assure you it will be spent with the utmost integrity.

It is wonderful to see the generosity and interest of the community in helping our District provide the best educational opportunities for our students.  It is our firm belief that the community plays a key role in helping us accomplish our goals.  Thank you!


Ana C. Samaniego, Superintendent 

Board Approved on 05/07/24:

  • Donation of $240.00 from CaringForClassrooms to Joe Carlson 5th Grade Classroom (Ms. Acosta).

Board Approved on 04/02/24:

  • Donation of $500.00 from the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution to Clawson 4th Grade Classroom (Mrs. Pineda).

  • Donation of $1,254.89 from DonorsChoose to DHS Engineering Classroom Project (Mrs. Barallardos).

  • Donation of home essentials from the Douglas Elks Lodge No. 953 to the Migrant and McKinney Vento Programs (est. value $4,000.00).

  • Donation of $200.00 from Ms. Laura Sychowski to Sarah Marley Elementary School.

Board Approved on 03/05/24:

  • Donation of $2,500.00 from Palo Verde Fiesta Bowl Charities Wishes for Teachers to Joe Carlson 3rd Grade Classroom (Mrs. Perez).

Board Approved on 02/06/24:

  • Donation of $960.67 from Reading for Education ( to Stevenson Elementary School.

  • Donation of $7,025.53 from dd’s DISCOUNTS First Book Marketplace to Clawson Elementary School.

  • Donation of $500.00 from Freeport-McMoRan Foundation to Clawson Elementary School 4th Grade Classroom (Mrs. Daniel) for STEM.

  • Donation of $750.00 from Inclusive Classroom Fund Grant to PHMS Folklorico (Ms. German).

  • Donation of $2,500.00 from Fiesta Bowl Charities/DonorsChoose to PHMS (Ms. German).

  • Donation of a blue stand mixer (4.3 qt. bowl) for DHS ESS Functional Classroom from Ms. Amber Ramirez (est. value $87.91).

Board Approved on 01/09/24:

  • Donation of $2,000.00 to DHS Band from Mr. Dean and Mrs. Maria Huish.

  • Donation of $261.08 from DonorsChoose to Stevenson 3rd Grade classroom project (Ms. Crystal Vega).

Board Approved on 12/12/23:

  • Donation of 500 dictionaries for DUSD 3rd graders from Douglas Rotary Club (est. value $1,188.00).

  • Donation of $4,600.00 to DHS Baseball Club from the Knights of Columbus.

  • Donation of $100.00 t Student Council from the 1970 DHS Class Reunion.

Board Approved on 11/07/23:

  • Donation of $500.00 gift card for school supplies from the Arizona Public Service Foundation Supply My Class Teacher Award to:

     Mrs. Denise McGrew, Joe Carlson 1st Grade ➢Ms. Jasmine Leon, Joe Carlson 3rd Grade ➢Ms. Nereyda Acosta, Joe Carlson 5th Grade ➢Ms. Elisa Lindemann, Stevenson 1st Grade

  • Donation of $150.00 from Ms. Adriana Harris to Douglas High School.

  • Donation of 12 basketball jersey and shorts set for PHMS Boys' Basketball from Mrs. Grace Docto (est. value $500.00).

  • Donation of $1,000.00 to DHS Golf Team from The Huachucans' Charities Helping Kids Since 1985.

  • Donation of $1,000.00 to PHMS Folklorico from Mr. John Picone.

  • Donation of file folders/supplies to DUSD #27 from Mr. Michael West (est. value $100.00).

  • Donation of children's books for 2nd grade classrooms from the Douglas Education Partnership Council for Literacy Improvement Initiative (est. value $2,013.00).

Board Approved on 10/03/23:

  • Donation from DonorsChoose to the following school for classroom projects:

     Sarah Marley Kinder (Ms. Lopez) - $180.98 and $186.34

    ➢Sarah Marley 2nd Grade (Ms. Navarro) - $493.24

    Sarah Marley 4th Grade (Ms. Carrillo) - $547.18

  • Donation of $1,617.05 from the Arizona Department of Corrections Inmate Fundraiser-Douglas for Douglas Pack to School (purchase of backpacks for DUSD students).

  • Donation of 20 jackets for DHS Wrestling from Ms. Vivian Gomez and Mr. Dante Hernandez (est. value $1,103.40).

Board Approved on 09/05/23:

  • Donation from DonorsChoose to the following schools for classroom projects:

      PHMS 8th Grade Writing (Mrs. Galaz) - $1,141.69 and $171.31

Board Approved on 07/05/23:

  • Donation of $1,000.00 from SkillsUSA to Douglas High School SkillsUSA Chapter.

Board Approved on 06/06/23:

  • Donation of $3,000.00 from Class of 1972 to DHS for Senior Scholarship.

  • Donation of $158.45 from Reading for Education ( to Clawson Elementary.